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Higher than cin3 abnormal cells

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Higher than cin3 abnormal cells

I'm a bit confused. I had cin3 grade cells back last year, went under GA for a lletz procedure (my anatomy is awkward) and that then came back saying they'd got everything. I had my follow up smear in April which took longer than usual to come back, but came back abnormal. The following day I had a call from the hospital offering me an appointment next week at a different hospital with a different consultant.  I asked if I could go another time as I'm on holiday soon and didnt want to miss out on swimming. The lady booked me in for August which is the first appointment they had at my usual hospital. Within 20 minutes the lead nurse at the original hospital rang me to say she strongly advised I go to the appointment next week as I really need seeing ASAP. I asked her if I had cin3 again and she said no, we think its higher than that. I'm confused, I thought cin3 was the highest you could get for abnormal cells before cancer? And I didnt know they could tell it was cancer from a smear alone? Obviously I'm going to next weeks appointment now but the speed in which they've fitted me in and what she said now has me very concerned.