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HPV 😭😭😭 Can I still become pregnant?

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HPV 😭😭😭 Can I still become pregnant?

I am so devastated with my Life frown

I had 2 partners now being my current husband and we have been planning to have a baby since last year. I have some ovulation issues so was keenly waiting to get an appointment from the hospital so they could help me become a mum and now this awful news have killed my heart and ruined me.

Recently had routine cervical screening- Found HPV POSITIVE 



What I want to know is can I still continue to plan baby with my husband ,? Will it be transferred to him?


If this is the case then my marriage is over 

Coming from an Asian background wont last long


Jesus help me

Pls give me as much information as possible



Firstly, 80% of people in their life time get HPV. It is extremely common virus.

The fact that you only have HPV and no abnormal cells is nothing to worry about! The body usually fights off HPV on its own, there is no treatment for HPV. It's obviously a good idea to monitor it and continue with your routine smears but there is a good chance your next routine smear will show that your body has fought off the virus by itself.

As with having a baby; HPV should not affect conceiving, carrying etc in almost all cases. If you are that concerned, speak to your GP or call one of the hotlines.

Take care



Hi Tiyar,

As Jen mentions above it's around 80% of the population that have/have had hpv. Almost everyone that has ever had intercourse/can be passed through skin to skin contact too- will be exposed to HPV. 
Also, your husband is likely to have it also, so it's not you that's the one that can 'give' it to him. He may have had it for years prior to meeting you!

HPV can clear on it own- vitamins, diet, exercise, living a healthy lifestyle and not smoking all can contribute to helping get rid of it. Lots of people don't even know they have had it as it comes with no symptoms other than when it disrupts the cells in the cervix and causing abnormalities.

It will have no effect on getting pregnant nor will it cause any issues, just keep up with your routine smears. 

Don't be hard on yourself and don't feel ashamed about it. I cleared HPV and my partner probably has had it too!

Let your partner read about HPV- it's as common as a common cold we can get in the winter.


I wish you luck with your future pregnancy and if you need anyone to talk to, I'm always on here.