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HPV and borderline changes come back

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HPV and borderline changes come back

Hi....I've just had a HPV positive and borderline changes smear result letter, awaiting colposcopy appointment. I first had this result back in 2009, and underwent numerous yearly colposcopies (1st one found CIN1 and some CIN2 changes, but was left to see if it improved on it's own, 2nd inflammatory changes only, 3rd biopsy viral changes, 4th biopsy viral changes only, 5th no biopsy but smear (3 months after birth of daughter) normal), then a 2018 normal smear, then this HPV and borderline changes result again, which is a little worrying/frustrating. I don't think the last 2 normal smears will have tested for HPV, so I'm thinking I may have never shifted the HPV virus- is it possible to not shift the 'live' virus for 12 years? Surely that's quite risky if that's the case? Feel like I might be stuck in this cycle forever....


I'm also feeling very guilty. I have a different partner now (for last 18 months), and had assumed I was HPV free (I only found out in the last few days that it's only recent smear tests that check for HPV and so my previous normal smears won't have meant HPV free). We had sexual health tests etc to make sure we were protecting each other, and now I've exposed him to this virus, and put him at risk.

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Hi Lorna, 


As far as I'm aware for the last two years or more HPV is tested in the UK with every smear and cells are now only checked if you have tested positive for HPV. 


The HPV can lie dormant, then activate, then lie dormant and then activate again. After being infected, you will always have it. 


80% of the population are infected with HPV, so it's more than likely that your current partner had it before he met you. 

I think discussing it with a clinician will definitely help you to understand everything more. You can also ring the Jo's cervical cancer helpline and they'll help you too. Xx


11/1 Routine smear

26/1 LLETZ 

16/3 MDT - Biopsy sent for further tests

Diary of experience: https://www.jostrust.org.uk/forum/cervical-screening-smear-test/what-were-your-waiting-times