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HPV, bleeding and pain..

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HPV, bleeding and pain..


I wasn't sure where to post, I feel like a bit of a tool posting here as I have no idea wha is going on with me but some symptoms seem to point to CC. 

So it started about 6 weeks ago, I started spotting, I'm on cerezette so I don't usually bleed, I have continued to spot every day for this time. 

I also have an ache like I'm on my period, I have left groin pain (slightly swollen) and pain down my left leg, not so much pain more of an intense ache. 

The spotting and discharge also has a smell to it. 

My first step was a pregnancy test and an STD test (through the post) both came back negative. 

So I was using Dr Google to search for some answers while I wait for the doctors appointment and since searching on Google I have realised that I possibly have genital warts... On the inside of my thighs. I thought they was just skin tags, there was a couple that have come up over the last couple of months but when I checked today there is now a couple more and I'm 99% sure that they are warts.

Just a little bit worried to be honest. I have to wait another 2 weeks for the doctors appointment. Does it sound like I should be asking to be seen sooner or should I wait? 

I'm 30 years old, 2 children .  

Thank you for reading ☺️