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HPV positive for 10 years

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HPV positive for 10 years


I'm 29 and due to anxiety and depression the first and only time i've had sex was 10 years ago. My first smear test was around 3 years ago and came back as HPV positive, which completely blew me away. My second smear was just last month (later than it should have been, i know, bad) and the results came back as HPV positive yet again, meaning i've been positive for the past 10 years, the cells however were normal. Due to the fact it's still there after 10 years, does this mean it will eventually cause cervical cancer? I read online that there's different kinds of HPV, some worse than others, and the kind that stays longer is the one to cause cancer. Is this true? 

Is it normal to have HPV for so long? Should i mention this to my dr? As far as i am aware i am healthy apart from my mental health, which i'm working on. I don't understand why my immune stystem isn't getting rid of the hpv?

I've had no other signs of HPV at all, no warts or anything. I wouldn't have known it was even there without the smear test.


Any advise would be helpful, thank you.

so worried

i think you need to use the ask a expert on this site or phone 0808 802 8000. this is waht i know there are 40 kinds of hpv  a few medium risk and (i think) 6 high risk the letter or the doc should beable to tell you witch it is if you smoke that makes abig difrence get a blood test to see if your diabetic or anmic and eat heathy  sorry i could not be more help full



Most people do clear it within 2 years, but I know some women have it for very long periods of time.  If you want to help boost your immune system to help fight it, there are vitamins and supplements you can try.  Mine wasn’t clearing on its own, but supplements helped, even though the abnormal cells are still there.  I started new supplements to help try to reverse that damage.  I’d try to de-stress (as much as possible), make sure my diet is healthy, and see if you want to try any supplements.  

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Having the virus long term, doesn’t necessarily mean it will lead to cancer. Some people are able to clear the virus within 2 years. However, there are several high risks groups that have trouble doing so, such as smokers and people with immune deficiencies. Although there are some people not in these groups and for some reason, unable to clear it. 

There are about 200 different strains, with about 40 being classed as high risk - with 16 and 18 the most common. The low risk strains usually cause warts. So if you develop these, then that’s good news as these strains do not cause cancer.

I think because you haven’t developed any abnormalities over the years, means that the virus may be the low risk strains or that you immune system is suppressing it. You could try taking vitamin supplements, but there’s no hard evidence that they have the ability to clear the infection alone. Furthermore, overdosing on vitamins is known to cause further health issues and if you have a good balance diet anyway, you don’t need supplements! What I will add is that stress can lower your immunity and if you haven’t tried already, cognitive therapy may help with anxiety. I would also suggest speaking with your GP, too.

1996 PCOS & bicornuate uterus

1998 laparoscopic ovarian drilling

1999 IUI fertility treatment 

2012-2014 3 positive smears at CIN1 with HR HPV, but 3 negative colposcopies

2015 1 negative smear, back to 3 yearly screening

May 2018 positive smear at CIN3

June 2018 LLETZ: inflammation at 6mm

Aug 2018 LLETZ: CIN3 without satisfactory clear deep margins at 12 mm

Oct 5th 2018 LAV Hysterectomy - HPV abnormal cells only

Nov 2018 1st Gardasil 9 vaccine dose

Jan 2019 2nd vaccine dose

April 2019 Vault smear appt


Hi i had my first abnormal smear last year all treated , 6 month check and normal cells but positive for hpv and im sooo scared 



I'm in the same boat. Really don't understand how other people can clear it up but others can't.


I'm freaking out. I was just diagnosed with CIN2 and I havn't had a smear in like 12 years. I just called planned parent hood to find out when my last smear was and they informed me I didn't have a smear only a vaginal exam. WTF I'm an idiot. I thought thats what it was that I got. I had a Leep done and I'm so scared something is going to come back. I have to wait for 2 weeks. What if I've had this the whole fifteen years. Since I thought I was getting examined but apparently not!