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HPV positive and borderline cell changes

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HPV positive and borderline cell changes


I had a smear test October 2018 and found that I was HPV positive but normal cells so to have another smear in a years time. I've just had my results back from my smear in October last month and it said HPV positive and that they have found some changes to my cells called borderline changes. I'm currently waiting for my appointment for the coloscopy but terrified of what they are going to tell me!

Has anyone else been in the same situation where within a year your cells have changed?

Really looking for some support and other peoples experiences although I know everyone is different.




I haven't had cells change within a year as I haven't been on yearly tests but the colposcopy isn't something to be afraid of! The nurse and doctor/specialist nurse will be really nice and friendly and answer any questions you have.

I had HPV positive and low grade dyskaryosis from my smear, at my colposcopy I was told high grade changes and they took punch biopsies and I'm now awaiting my results. I'm high risk (smoker, 17+ years combined pill, bleeding after sex, my mum had cervical cancer when pregnant with me) so anxious to get my results but there is tonnes of information/posts on here about people being fully treated and surviving so much. 

How long do you have to wait for the colposcopy? 




Hi all I can offer is I was in the same position as you last year with hpv and borderline . I had a colposcopy and it came back the same so repeat smear in 12 months . That then came back clear of hpv. It was a very worrying 12 months but the great thing is you are in the system and this is what testing is for so please try not to worry though I know that is not easy ! Best wishes .