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HPV positive and possible cervical ectropion

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HPV positive and possible cervical ectropion


I'm new to the forum. Im absolutely terrified. I had a biopsy at my colposcopy 2 weeks ago as doctor thinks I may have cervical ectropion. I just got my smear results back and confirmed positive for HPV. Has anyone else had this or is it likely that it's more than ectropion cells? I'm going out of my mind here.




Hi Dani 

I had an ectropian last year and also a severe dyskaryosis smear result but I was told that they aren't connected. Consultant said that the cells that form an ectropian and the cells that cause abnormal smears are completely different types of cells. The ectropian is where the cells grow outside your cervix and they are a bit sensitive and can bleed when knocked but aren't harmful in themselves. I had a LETZ procedure last year to remove the abnormal cells and they removed the ectropian while they were at it. Sadly for me the abnormal cells are still there and have just shown up in my 6 month smear but the ectropian is gone I think.. at least I have had less bleeding since the procedure last year. Doc advised that ectropians can sometimes form when women have been on the contraceptive pill for a long time, as I was, so off that now and using the natural cycles app instead. Let me know if you want to chat, I know it's a really stressful and upsetting time having been through it all last summer