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Just had my first smear at 27

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Just had my first smear at 27

Hi everyone, I just had my first smear. 


I have really bad anxiety so I kept ignoring the letters I got when I was 25, I am 27 now (28 in June) and finally got the courage to just go and do it ! I kept seeing the posters everywhere encouraging people to get it done and the anxiety of having cancer beat the anxiety of getting the test ! 

I just wanted to come on here and say thanks to this forum, I read through a whole bunch of posts about it, and guides on this website about the tests and it made me feel so much more at ease. 


One thing that I really found that was helpful was the tip to wear a lose skirt! that way you don’t have to be completely undressed from the waist down you can just take your pants off! 


The actual test didn’t really hurt, it felt more sore with the speculum, but this is something I feel during sex too so it might just be me. But the actual swab didn’t hurt I barely even felt it at all. It only took a couple minutes too! 

One thing my nurse told me was to be completely relaxed as it hurts more if you are not relaxed, so that also helped! 


Im worried now because she asked me when the last time I bled was and I gave her the date my last period started by accident, will this matter??? 


Im just worried that because I waited so long the results are going to come back badly.