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Late results and additional testing?

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Late results and additional testing?

I am probably worrying over nothing but I had my first smear on the 14th December and the nurse said that I would have the results within 2 weeks. It will have been 6 weeks on Monday and still no results. I decided to call my GP and ask if they had been delayed; she said they had been delayed but had most probably been sent for additional testing. I don't know what this could mean? 

When I had the smear test done it was very uncomfortable and I bled out because of it. In September however I had a septic miscarriage and a bleed in my uterus. I wanted to get my smear done because I don't stop bleeding really unless I'm on the pill. When I was 18 I bled for 7 months straight and became extremely unwell, then after this miscarriage I bled from September- December (when I could go back on the pill). Both my mum and auntie have had cervical cancer and that's probably why I'm over worrying.

I've been told to call back on Tuesday so they can hopefully tell me my results over the phone as they said it really shouldn't take this long. Has this happened to anyone? 



What they do now is test your sample for the HPV virus. If the virus is present then they look at the sample to see if the cells are abnormal. If HPV is not present, the cells are not checked so, in theory, the negative results should come back quicker. This is what she means by additional testing.

I had my last smear January 2020 (before COVID caused massive delays!) I was told that if it was HPV negative, I would get the results back in 2 weeks. It took 4 weeks so I was convinced mine must have been sent to have the cells checked. It came back negative - I was so relieved (and really wish the nurse hadn't mentioned 2 weeks!)

There are so many delays at the moment. I'm not going to say don't worry because it's natural to worry. I hope everything works out ok for you


Thank you so much for your reply J! I really appreciate it, and thank your for explaining about how the testing works. It's all new and your own experience. Hopefully it won't be delayed much longer, but I suppose it is to be expected with the current situation. 



I hope this helps but I had my smear on 15th December, I only got the results because I rang up the doctors on Thursday to chase they told me before they were taking up to 6 weeks at the moment and like you I was becoming anxious at the long wait. In the end she told me over the phone and I had to go and pick up a scrappy bit of lab paper with the results from the doctors (whole different story!), but had I of not rang I still don't have the letter so wouldn't know! So might be worth chasing your gp as mine got them before me xxx 


Thank you so much for replying! It must be delayed for everyone, I am going to call my doctors again tomorrow and hope they have some results this time. Xxx