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Lesion found on cervix

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Lesion found on cervix

Hi all, I’m 51 and in peri menopause with a history of abnormal PAPS. Last PAP was done in November 2017, and that was normal.  

Past HX - had genital warts removed when I was in my early 20’s, had abnormal pap when I was trying to get pregnant with my 1st back in 1994 (I was DX w/PCOS then).  3 pregnancies between July 1995 and February 1998.  I had many colposcopies done after my 2nd daughter was born in 96.  After my 3rd daughter was born in ‘98, had a LEEP done.  I believe the cells were of a low grade.  Since then I have had YEARLY PAP tests, up until a few years ago, when my doc decided that every 3 years was ok since all my PAPS were coming back ok.  

 I had a vaginal u/s done about a month ago for really bad LLQ pain which felt like someone was trying to cut my left ovary out with a knife.  Everything showed up fine on the u/s except for a 1 cm lesion on my cervix. I am booked in this week for a PAP even though I’m not due for one, but due to this lesion being seen, my doc wants one done.  I have not had any abnormal bleeding per se, but I am in peri menopause and I went from November ‘18 to April ‘19 with no period, and since April 1st I have had 2 periods (just finished my period last week).  The ER doc said the pain I am having is Diverticulitis .... but the CT scan didn’t show any inflammation, only the pockets (which I knew I had from a colonoscopy done in Oct’18).  I am still getting this pain.  Every .... single .... day.  I also feel it in my back, like back labour., and sometimes it goes across my lower abdomen (bikini line) and I can sometimes feel a ‘pulling sensation’ inside my uterus.  Doesn’t hurt when I use the bathroom, no discharge, no fever .... just this pain in my lower left groin.  Pain killers doc in ER gave me don’t even take the pain away.  

I’m just a bit worried about this lesion given my history, and what it could possibly mean (especially since I had the genital warts removed some 30 years ago, from a guy that I had sex with).  Has anyone had this happen?  I also don’t know if this pain I’ve been having for the past month has anything to do with it.  

Just a bit worried.


Jo from Ontario, Canada