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No Pap Smear for 3 years, but have had surgery.

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No Pap Smear for 3 years, but have had surgery.

Sorry this is going to be a decent bit long, but I really wanted to ask this somewhere. Ok to start, I typically had Pap Smears every year; however, two years ago I started bleeding abnormally.  A little back story- I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 17, after a lot of missed periods and the other typical symptoms of PCOS.  I've been known to go months without.  I do have two children, who I was able to conceive after taking metformin both times (it was somehow my miracle drug).  Otherwise, I didn't take metformin or any other medicine.  Now, after my second was born, I started having some issues with my periods again, but nothing too awful (she's 5 now).  They did start regulating again, but then two years ago, I started having random issues with my body, and I also started missing periods again.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a rheum; however, we were still not sure what was causing my gynecological and gastrointestinal issues (I've had a colonoscopy with a large polyp and it was removed, but he said it was not causing my issues).  My periods have always been somewhat heavy and painful, but they began to get heavier and more painful the past couple years.  I would go through a super plus tampon and a pad within 30 minutes and have had clots the size of a small apple.  I've bled in the floor while using pads and tampons, etc.  I also would bleed some if I exercised, sometimes during sex, would also hurt during sex randomly, and would just bleed randomly even if I walked around and cleaned the house too much.  I also have random pelvic pain throughout every month, not around period time.  I have had a laproscopy, two hysteroscopys, two d&c's, and an endometrial ablation over the past two years.  The ablation, along with one of the d&cs and one of the hysteroscopys, was done in December.  There was also a biopsy of the endometrium done.  We haven't been able to find the exact cause of the bleeding- I don't have endometriosis; however, unless I have a hysterectomy she said she's unsure about adenomyosis. The ablation worked wonderfully, even directly afterward, for 3 months and then March hit and I started bleeding randomly again- if I do too much during the day- I'll spot,  if I have sex- I'll spot, sometimes it is pink, sometimes it is red.  I notice a good bit of what appears to be cervical mucus in my blood, as well as sometimes watery.  I had my first heavy period recently with so much cramping that I was ready to go to ER if it didn't ease up.  It would ease up some and then come back, through the back, legs, abdomen, etc., and it isn't unusual for me to not really be able to do anything on the days I have mentrual cramps- mine are awful. The one thing I haven't had done in a few years due to bleeding every single appointment, is a pap smear.  I do have one scheduled, and will hopefully not be bleeding for it, but it is at the end of this month.  I wasn't sure if the biopsy done would have actually been able to detect cancerous cells in the cervix, as well as the fact that she was in there doing surgeries... would it definitely have been noticed?