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Normal smear but........

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Normal smear but........

hi Guys. 

Just looking for some advice or reassurance maybe I’m not sure. 

So I had my smear a while ago and while having it done my nurse could see a cluster/mass on my cervix. She got the GP to look and she confirmed what could be seen and referred me urgently to Gynae. My appointment is next week. However it’s not the colposcopy Dept it’s just to see the Fynae. Don’t know if it’s good or bad that?

anyway.....I’ve since got my smear results which were normal. 

Now when I explain my symptoms do you think I still have something to worry about or am I just worrying over something that’s nothing as my smear was clear? 

I bled for 3 days after my smear that never happened before. 

I bleed during and after see in the last 6 months or so

sefere coccyx pain. I am on any inflammatory meds which do nothing for it. 

I have a constant foul smelling discharge that can be very watery (sorry for the tmi)

i just don’t know if I still have something to worry about with the clear smear 

soeet for such a long post I just feel lost. Everybody is telling me not to worry because my smear was clear but I just have something in the back of my mind........

i appreciate I reading my post and your replies 


P xx


There could be many causes for that hun, usually discharge accompanied with an odour is a sign of infection. 

I know it's awful not knowing what's going on down there, but try not to worry too much. Im no medical expert but it might be something that's really simple to treat with antibiotics. 



I have never had an abnormal smear test.


ive been to my go so many times over the years with reoccurring thrush and bleeding after sex


ive had internal scans , blood tests so just ignored it


tgen the bleeding started to become an issue and I’m convinced the thrush has lead to me getting alopecia (absolutely no medical back up just my feeling!)


i was finally sent to see a gynae back back in January who said I had a eptropian and tried to burn it with silver nitrate which was unsuccessful so I was sent to colposcopy clinic for cold coagulation but that gynae said he’d not do that until I’d had a biopsy taken as he could see some corkscrew type blood vessels.   Biopsy showed high grade cgin and I’ve had a lletz .... unfortunately ive not got clear margins ... next appt to discuss options is end of sept!


so my advice would be to push your doctor a bit more (I’m uk so all nhs referrals!)


please dont ket mt link of thrush and alopecia scare you ... it’s only my personal thoughts and based on no studies at all

Jan 19

trip to gynae due to irregular bleeding over a number of years ... silver nitrate unsuccessful 


april 19 colposcopy booked for cold coagulation gynae disagreed with this treatment and took biopsy 


may19. Biopsy results high grade CGIN


june 19 lletz performed .. minimal bleeding after lower back pain after 10 days

August 19 unclear margins September referral to mdt .. September 19 hysterectomy recommended November 19 keyhole hysterectomy (ovaries kept)