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Normal smear but HPV 16 positive

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Normal smear but HPV 16 positive

Tested positive for HPV and had abnormal Pap 8years ago. Did follow ups and it cleared and went back to normal.

Sept 2017 had abnormal pap after having a baby. HPV neg at that time so they told me to follow up in 1 year 


sept 2018 pap normal


went last week (March 2020), I was late getting it because I had to reschedule. I am 9 month post partum. Got the call that Pap was normal but was positive for HPV 16 so I have to have a colposcopy. They can't get me in till May. Is it a good sign that I had a normal smear? The only reason they tested for the HPV was because of my age. Super nervous and looking for anyone with similar stories