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OBGYN recommended vinegar/water douche

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OBGYN recommended vinegar/water douche

I just went to a new obgyn in regards to my constant BV and (TMI ALERT) yellowish odorless discharge that I have had for over a year. 2 rounds of antibiotics (metrogel and clindamicyn) did nothing back in 2018 and now I asked for another round of metrogel and she also recommended that I prepare my own vaginal douche with vinegar and water. I have never done this but I tried it with soaked tampons before and it did nothing.

I plan on using the metrogel whilst I take vaginal probiotics orally twice a day and once I finish the course of antibiotics to use the douche gently as she stated. I have HRHPV and CIN1 also if that makes any difference. She said it shouldn't interfere with the virus and that I should do it just one time. Has anyone else ever tried douching for BV? Did it help? Thanks in advance.