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Over 15 weeks waiting for results

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Over 15 weeks waiting for results

I had my smear done on 15th August this year. I am still waiting for the result! I’m in West Herts.
When I had it done the nurse told me it would take 13 weeks - which is bad enough. I’ve called my GP surgery numerous times and they are now saying 18 weeks!
I feel like I am literally spending my whole time waiting for the letter. When I should be enjoying my time with my now 6 month old son.
I had LLETZ in 2014 and it has been 3 years since my last smear so I’m more than a bit anxious.
I feel so helpless. My other half has suggested we pay to have one done privately but with Christmas and being in the process of buying a new house, I would hate to pay and then my NHS result come through immediately.
Is there anyone else in my area with a similar experience? How long is the longest a result has taken?? Should I go private???
Thanks for reading x

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I haven't had a similar experience but can certainly understand the sheer awfulness of having to wait for results, especially when it's taking such a long time.  I don't know how things would work, if you went private. Hopefully, If the results came back negative all well and good.  What if they came back with abnormalities?  You'd then have to decide whether to stay in the private system for further investigations (could get very expensive) or go to your GP with the results.  Then I'm not sure how it works if you try to mix and match NHS/private for this kind of thing.  I think you can take solace in that you had a smear 3 years ago (I'm assuming that was normal?) so you are up to date in terms of your cervical checks.

It's easy to say but I think, if it were me, I'd hang in there for the NHS results - you've waited this long now.  I think it's unlikely that going private is going to benefit your medical outcome and there's no guarantee it will help with your anxiety because of the possible hassle/expense.  Anxiety can sure mess with our perspective.



Feb 04:  (age 47y) Smear test normal

Stopped going for smears!

Summer 16: persistent yellow vaginal discharge

Dec 16: post menopausal vaginal bleed

Jan 17: Hysteroscopy under GA for ?fibroids - abnormal cervix observed -multiple biopsies taken, 1B1 squamous cell cc diagnosed - confirmed by MRI/PET scans

Feb 17: pelvic lymphadenectomy - nodes negative, Da Vinci radical hysterectomy- close anterior margin/LVSI/PNI, restaged to 2A

Apr/May 17: 6x chemo, 25x external radio, 2x brachy

Jul 19:  NED.  Various side effects notably hypotonic bladder since hysterectomy - ongoing ISC, unilateral lymphoedema lower abdo/groin/leg/ankle/foot




That does seem a really long wait but I agree with Jazza that it sounds as though you should get the NHS ones very soon