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Pink spotting, so worried.

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Pink spotting, so worried.

I am due to have my 3 yearly smear test in 4 weeks time. Back in March 2016 I had LLETZ for cin 2/3... 6 months on in the following October I had another smear which was clear.  Last year my periods were horrific for about 6 months very heavy & so painful almost like contractions when your in labour but the pain mainly in my back passage area ?  I was worried so I saw my G.P.  she did bloods, tested for STDs & also pelvic ultrasound all which came back normal. So walked away with no answers only painkillers & talk of fitting the coil to lighten periods. Fortunately my periods have settled in the pain sense but still remain heavy for the first few days which I guess is normal. However I've noticed spotting after sex only last week, it's very pale pink (probably not noticeable if I hadn't used the loo straight away) uve had this at least a couple of times in the past few months. I also have discharge nearly every day, mainly white doesn't smell to much well not that I've noticed. I'm worried though that these are the first signs of pre cancerous cells or early cc & that maybe something was missed by the doctors. Please help I'm feeling so anxious. Xxxx


 hi SJA,

Just wondered how you got on? I'm in a similar situation, treatment for high grade cgin in 2016 and have been all good until just recently. Just had a smear today, dreaded 2 week wait.


2015 smear borderline change + high risk HPV

2015 colposcopy CIN 1 monitor

(Had baby)

2016 smear high grade CGIN + HPV

2016 LLETZ - clear margins 

2017 6mth follow up. Normal no HPV

2020.. waiting smear results


Hi there,

Did anything ever come of this? I am having pink spotting after sex too, and today some cramps. Have called the GP twice about the spotting and both times they seemed totally unconcerned, didn't even want to see me. I'm calling on Monday and demanding I get examined by somebody. Up until today I felt irritation in my cervix for a few days after sex, today I'm actually in pain and I'm so so scared. Last smear was 17 months ago and came back clear.