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Please help. Symptoms

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Please help. Symptoms


I have recently had bleeding between my regular cycles. 
first being 19 days after, this one being 13 days. I'm usually 26-28 day cycles. My periods are very heavy and I get that awful pulling/weighted feeling but not a lot of pain as such. 

I have pelvic pain also, not horrendous but enough to know I have a uterus if that makes sense. I get bloated very easy. I have always had problems with constipation since a child. I am also so tired and im sure I'm anaemic. I've also suffered with this on and off since a child. 

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis after sterilisation in 2015. I had never had any symptoms. I was 32 then and I'm 38 now. I have three children. 

I am so scared. I have a smear which was due so that's booked two weeks today. My dr has arranged an ultrasound of my pelvis and bloods. So potential a few weeks before all results are in. I don't think my head can take it. 

please help. x



I hope your are doing okay and try not to worry too much.

A number of your symptoms have plenty of other causes rather than cervical cancer and could be related to your endo.


The main thing is that you are getting seen, and hopefully your smear results won't take too long xx