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Positive for HPV and abnormal cells

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Positive for HPV and abnormal cells

Hi, looking for some advice, reassurance, just someone to talk to 

some background info 

A year ago I got a positive HPV test no abnormal cells - got tested 2 months later still the same, told to wait 12 months and test again 

About the same time I started to have some strange symptoms 

Pelvic and Lower Back pain - all the time but not severe just a grumble 

the feeling as though I am permanently wearing a tampon

Clear/watery discharge 

itching in and around my opening 

bloating and like I'm about to start my period all the time 

cloty periods - still regular and no bleeding in between 

feel it's important to say I haven't been sexually active for over 3 years now so know it's not a STD 

4 weeks ago got called up for my smear - bleed badly, the nurse commented that she's not seen anyone bleed like it after a smear, to the extent there was blood over the bed by the time she had finished 

Had results on Saturday - HPV positive and abnormal cells along with an appointment for a colposcopy in 6 weeks time 

Due to the pandemic and being a key worker I haven't been to the doctors with my other symptoms and have just learnt to live with them, but now I'm worried, should I call the doctors and tell them or just wait out the colposcopy?

I've convinced myself because my periods are 'normal' there can't be anything wrong! 

Just looking for some advice/stories anything really!




cancer refferal pathways are two weeks so if you think those symptoms could be cervical cancer symptoms (list of symptoms can be looked up on jo's, eve apeal, cancer reaserch UK, NHS website...) and your GP thinks so to you should be seen faster than your current colpo appointment.

it is also important to know that not all abnormal cells end up in cancer (most CIN 1, 2 and even 3 regress on their own or stay benin. normal cells, grade of CIN or cervical cancer is what is going to be given to you as result from your colposcopy and depending on those you may have to decide of getting treatment to get rid of abnormal cells (such as LETZ) without knowing if they would have truned into cancer or not or treatment for cancer).

if you are woried about your symptoms i would talk to GP or to a sexual health clinic for advice. you could also send an email or make a phone call to jo's support line or eve appeal support line as they know more about symptoms of gynea cancers.



Took 15 weeks for my smear test to come back. It came back with HPV and cell changes. I'm petrified. I am also having issues with my back passage, foul smell and itching. I have convinced myself that it's bad! My mind is in over drive. My back passage could be due to my IBS. I have tried to explain my fears to my partner but he thinks I have just scared myself on google.