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Referred back to colposcopy

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Referred back to colposcopy

Hi, was wondering if anyone could put my mind at ease? In December 2019 I had to have a biopsy after my screening showed abnormal cells and I was HPV positive. I was diagnosed with cin 2 and had a LLETZ procedure performed in January. In July I had my 6 month check up and the results came back as HPV positive but no abnormal cells detected. I've been referred back to colposcopy. I'm feeling anxious as I don't really understand why or what they're going to be looking for when I go back. I'm worried about being hpv positive as I know it carries a higher risk of developing cervical cancer. Has anyone else been in this position and have any information they could share? Thanks x

2016- normal smear

11/2019- abnormal cells, hpv positive

12/2019- biopsy, CIN 2 confirmed

01/2020- LLETZ procedure performed

07/2020- hpv positive, no abnormal cells

08/2020- referred back to colposcopy