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Referred to gynae and cancer symptoms

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Referred to gynae and cancer symptoms


I’ve been experiencing spotting since February, and then since May I’ve had a type of itch/discomfort in my vagina and increased discharge. This hasn’t gone away and the spotting has begun to increase. My periods also seems heavier. The discomfort is worse when I’m lying down, and I've developed some type of itch at the back too. It changes been burning and tingling. I've also had some constipation.

I’ve been back and forth to the doctors, and have had canesten pessaries, a pill for thrush and two types of antibiotics. None of these have done anything to get rid of it. I’ve also had a pelvic ultrasound which apparently didn’t show anything, and neither did a blood test for hormones.

I haven't had a smear test yet, but have on booked for the 14th August. I'm so scared that this is some type of gynaegolocial cancer that has been developing for months. I've also been referred to a gynaecologist but am waiting to hear back. 

Don't really know what to do with myself, I'm so scared.



First of all, you have done the right thing by following up and being persistent in going back to the hospital. Secondly my biggest piece of advice is to try not to worry until you KNOW there is something to worry about. Easy to say I know, but you will drive yourself crazy otherwise. 

With regards to your symptoms cancer is not the only outcome here. I had a few problems down there before my actual cancer (and they weren't related). The majority of women will get some form of discharge ... It's usually normal and nothing to worry about. 

With regards to the itching have you been given a cream antibiotic that you insert via a tube? Sounds really grim, but your vagina is the right environment for an infection to grow. 

Finally my golden rule...stay away from Google. Trust only what you see on places like this but even then please remember everyone is different. 

I wish you all the very best, please give an update on here when you get some answers, and ring the helpline if you need to chat properly to someone, they are all lovely people XXX 

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