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scary results? what do you think?

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scary results? what do you think?

so my doctor sent for scope after seeing white patches on my cervix. when I went for scope I was told pap results said low grade changes but she saw one or two very small suspicious spots and said she would biopsy just in case but looked like nothing. then I find out its moderate changes cin2 and need LEEP. try procedure while awake and I was too uncomfortable so scheduled surgery. Told she could not see anything anymore and thinks she got it with biopsy but do LEEP to be sure. I get call tonight she says biopsy of Leep showed stage 0 precancer and positive margins meaning they did not get it all AND she basically removed my whole cervix in leep procedure so next step would be surgery to remove uterus. how can things go from low grade pap results to cin 2 biopsy to stage 0 cancer that has spread to uterus?? she says I need to wait 6 months to get back in clinic for scope,?? what,?? you know it's not gone_ you know its spreading but cant get me in for 6 months. every appointment I was told no big deal dont worry, and every result has been bad. She says not to worry now. sorry how can I not? I am so upset scared confused. I know this is leep healing( which was a much bigger deal than I was told) but I needed to share. remove if not on topic.