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Screening with Hymen, super anxious

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Screening with Hymen, super anxious

I’m 25 and I’ve just been sent my letter telling me I’m due for my first smear test, and to be honest I’m seriously beyond anxious! I’m so worried about the fact that I’m 99% sure my hymen is still intact even though I am sexually active, and I’m really scared that they’ll turn me away as I’ve read a number of stories online of people who’ve been denied the screening and told to “come back when they’ve had sex”.

The trouble is I am sexually active and am keen to get the test done, but I have a girlfriend and penetrative sex is not something I’ve ever been involved in… I guess I’m just scared about having to explain this all to the nurse if it comes up, as well as being scared about the potential pain, and I’ve even heard people saying it’s not necessary to have a screening if your hymen is intact (though I can’t believe this is true..?)? I feel like when a lot of people say “sexually active” they mean penetrative sex and for some reason I just feel like it would really upset me to be turned away or told I’m "still a virgin" just because I haven’t had sex with a man…

This all feels a bit embarrassing to write and sorry for the slightly TMI, but I’m feeling super anxious about it all and just wanted to know if anyone had any advice regarding smear tests with a hymen/being gay/reassurance/general experience. Thank you so much for any advice


 Hi Froglet

I am sorry I have no answer to your questions but have you tried posting on the LGBT forum or used the ask the expert feature on the Jo's website. Good luck x

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