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Should I get a 2nd opinion

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Should I get a 2nd opinion

I've been going back and forth on whether I should get a 2nd opinion or not. Here's my story... In April of 2018 I had my yearly pap test and it came back abnormal. After that test I had a colposcopy that came back that I had CIN3. In May of 2018 I had the leep procedure done then I was referred to an oncologist after my procedure. The oncologist just told me to get pregnant and sent me on my way. I've been getting paps done every 3 months after my leep. My past 2 paps have come back low grade so they decided to do another colposcopy on May 2nd. I just got my results this past Friday and they said I'm CIN1. They sent me to get blood work done and told me to come back in November. So I'm scratching my head and feeling like I'm in limbo. I'm probably going to call today to see if my blood work said anything. Its just strange because the day of the colposcopy, my doctor talked about me having either another leep or getting a hysterectomy. Now after my appointment, they are like see you in 6 months. Should I get another opinion?