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Should I prepare myself for a cervical cancer diagnosis?

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Should I prepare myself for a cervical cancer diagnosis?

Hi Everyone

i am new here. I had my smear and 7 weeks later got results to say hpv+ and high grade cell changes so I am worried. I am waiting on my colposcopy appointment. 
I havebtead everyone needing loops etc and I know that my chances or cervical cancer are high

wouod anyone know how high my chances of cervical cancer would be with my smear results. ? Or is there a chance I go and they say nothing is wrong? (Very doubt this) 

the unknown is terrible. I'm a matter of fact type person and I need to know with my smear results should I be preparing myself for a cervical cancer diagnosis? Xx



Very unlikely to be cervical cancer. Most likely CIN 2 or 3, which are easily treatable precancerous cell changes, NOT cancer. I just had a colposcopy for HPV+ high grade changes, in my consultation the doctor told me that she's seen about 600 women with these results and only 2 turned out to be very early-stage cancer. In my case, it was CIN 1 with small areas of CIN 2 and I don't need immediate treatment as my body might be able to heal it naturally. If we do need treatment, I think the success rate of LLETZ is around 95%. I know it's scary (I was literally crying with worry for days) but please don't panic, you'll be fine! Good luck! x


Thank you very much for your reply. You said that it's very unlikely I have cervical cancer  I thought positive high grade hpv and cell changes along with irregular bleeding and pain were all signs of cervical cancer x



In your first post you didn't mention the bleeding so I didn't take that into account in my reply. I know that HPV+ cell changes are much more likely to be precancerous cell changes than cancer, but I don't have the experience to comment on the symptoms you are having. There are certainly other common conditions that could cause irregular bleeding, such as cervical erosion, so I still wouldn't assume you have cancer! But I'm not a doctor and there's obviously a lot of factors I don't know about your case, such as when you last had a smear test, etc. The important thing is that you are going to get checked out and will be in capable hands! They will take good care of you in there x


Hi I was just wondering how you got on at your appointment, I'm in the same position as you and worried sick so I know I how you feel. I had my last smear 5 weeks ago with results hpv positive and moderate cell changes, I have my next app in two weeks time and it's dragging in 



S denim


Hi. My smear test was 7/9/2020 then my results were 17/10/2020 and I have no colposcopy appointment yet. It said in my letter I may wait 8 weeks for an appointment. How are you getting on? X




I think its important to bear in mind that there are just 3000 cases of cervical cancer picked up every year in the UK. It's really not that common, but LLETZ procedures certainly are. The screening programme is very effective at identifying pre cancers and removing them before they become invasive. Please don't jump to the worst conclusion and cause yourself potentially unnecessary distress and worry. Take each step as it comes! 

Feb 2020: smear = high grade dyskariosis

March 2020: biopsy = CIN3

April 2020: lletz = cervical cancer stage 1b1 (1b2 on new FIGO)

May 2020: radical hysterectomy and lymphadenectomy. NED!

September 2020: first follow up. NED!