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Smear via Colposcopy

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Smear via Colposcopy

I have seen lots of posts on here about unsuccesful painful smears, I myself had the same problem at my first one a month ago even though im in my 40s this was my first due to being scared, both the nurse and doctor had a go but couldnt find my cervix and they was lots of bleeding and it was very painful, the doctor also said my uterus was backwards, she decided it was best I have to done at colposcopy clinc as they have different size speculums and stirrups. 

It didnt go to plan at first at colposcopy clinic and nearly got abandoned as yet again the pain was unbearable and I couldnt bear the pain, they offered me gas and air but refused as I didnt want to take my mask off so continued until I nearly passed out at this point it was stopped and talked about having it done under GA but I wasnt to keen on that idea, the doctor explained to me that I have a very complex tilted womb and my cervix was very high up she couldnt see or feel my cervix even with the assistance of the colposcopy, she was using a small long speculum because of the position of everything but I couldnt bear it even though it was small, she then opted to try the smallest one she had which was no bigger than my finger, this was a game changer it was able to be opened I was told to cough and my shy cervix decided to make an appeareance everyone got excited, I got to see the screen and watched the smear being took the doctor explained that she could see I have cervical ectropion she explained this is nothing to worry about and they would be bleeding for a few days after. I felt the smear being taken and got a few cramps when it was took but this passed as soon it was over.

I wanted to share my experience with you, ladies ask for a smaller speculum if you are in pain, I now know I need a tiny speculum. So its possible to get a successful smear even after failed ones.

I want to add I was treated with respect by the gynae doctor and her student and the nurses was wonderful and caring and one held my hand throughout. 

I now await results this bit is nerve racking.


I am so glad i seen your post, i have recently just had my first smear and i am 40, i never had confidence to go! Mine was a nightmare too, the nurse in doctors told me she could only see half my cervix and it really hurt so she have up! I had to go for another in the hospital 4 weeks ago, my worst fears about it all literally came true, i just wanted it over and done with and had to go through a second in hospital and then today with no warning letter i got a call in work to say i need a colopscopy as i have abnormal cells, i am a wreck, i am thinking the worst as i left it so late to get smear what if it's serious, i'm so stressed