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Smear test - After care

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Smear test - After care

Hi all, 

I'm not sure this is the right place for this but here we go!

I have recently had my first smear test and found it extremely painful, and had several days of bleeding. I am lead to believe that this is normal, but i am still bleeding when i have a bowel movement. I spoke to my GP about this and she said it may take a few weeks to recover. Is this normal? I am worried something went wrong as i cant find much information about this, with Covid it's difficult to speak to anyone. I did ask the GP to call me back but unfortunately they were unable to. 

I only had the test as GPs, Nurses and Receptionists have been asking me for years! I'm 32 and still not sexually active so was reluctant to do the test. I thought after so long I should do it anyway but have been left feeling terrible about everything and worried what long term effect this will have on me both physically and mentally. 

What should i do? I'm very upset about the situation. 





I think it can be quite common to bleed after a smear test. Its just that its a vascular and delicate area and the brush they use to scrape the cells can cause you to bleed. I would expect spotting for a few days then should get better unless you're due your period. My mum was a nurse doing smears and said women bleeding is common so I dont think its a sign anything went wrong. I have regular smears and colposcopies at the hospital snd they always tell me I might get a bit of light bleeding/spotting for a few days so doesnt seem anything to be concerned about, although I know its not nice.