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Smear test due but multiple lumps found on cervix (children mentioned)

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Smear test due but multiple lumps found on cervix (children mentioned)

Hi I have my smear test due and booked for 2 days time, my last test was normal. 

Im not sure why I did but I felt my cervix a few days ago and all I can feel is lumps, maybe pea sized ( it’s hard to tell) I can’t say how many maybe 5-10 lumps all firm. 

They definately werent there before But not sure how long they have been there.

Has anyone experienced this before?? I’m worried sick, are these lumps tumors?

I’m 28 with two children 7 and 4. 



how did you get on? My smear isn’t due until next may and I have found a lump on my cervix too so scheduled for gp app at 3.50. Have bleeding after sex and watery discharge which is prompted me to have a check myself. 

My mom died from cervical cancer at 42 and scares me to death.

hope you are well

louise x

Lily Trygg

I feel the same!! In my case I felt 2 one on the surface close to the tiny hole and the other one at the end of it like in the back side not surface. I went to the doctor a month ago due to bleeding after sex. Turned out to be a million things at the same time. I first got told I was positive to chlamydia. I took the medication and thought everything will come back to normal. The second call was the wors. They told me my pap smear came back abnormal with mild changes (LSIL) and also a yeast infection. Took medication yesterday and now gotta wait a whole year for a follow up due to my abnormar smear of this year!! I’m 22 no birth control, I don’t smoke and “happily“ married.