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Still no results.

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Still no results.


this is the worst three weeks ever. Im waiting and waiting and still nothing, I rang the drs and they said there’s nothing on the system only the fact I went on the 11th for my smear. She said there’s a back log and could take longer. I don’t know what to believe or if they are studying my results and don’t know what to send out to me. It’s madness all this worry. Has anyone else waited ages? 


I had mine on the 5th March, still nothing. I’m in the midlands. Where are you? I have rang the doctors - nothing! :(

They told me ‘around 4 weeks’ and technically I am still around that...


An update for anyone in the midlands - I’ve spoken to the hospital and the labs are running on five week turnaround time with smears done at the end of February currently being processed!

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My smear was 18th Jan

I'm at ten weeks so far.. still waiting......


  • 28 Dec 16 - Smear test
  • 11 Jan 17 - Smear results: High grade severe
  • 12 Jan 17 - Colposcopy. 3 abnormal areas found. GA lletz recommended
  • 25 Jan 17 - Lletz performed under GA. Awaiting results....
  • 8 Feb 17 - Results received. Pre cancerous CIN3 confirmed as removed. Nothing more abnormal found. Smear due in 6 months
  • Follow up smear clear
  • HPV results negative!

I am so happy now that I found this. Today is exactly 4 weeks (East Middlands) and was told it will be within 2 weeks. After I sent them an email if they are still deciding who will break the bad news and take away my joy for life I found this website. Which is a relief! I know I'm not waiting as much as some other ladies are, but my stress levels went down. In seconds after reading this. I'm assuming different areas have different hospitals running tests and different wait times? 

I've seen some ladies are waiting for almost 4 months. I decided to start panicking after 4 months then. 

Don't give in to the pressure of what ifs. Stay strong!