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I had a smear test last week (which was about 8 months late) my previous smear 3 years ago was normal. I probably would have not got around to the smear last week except that in the past 7 days I’ve had some bleeding with discharge and when I use the toilet. The”bleeding” is minimal. (Like such a small amount you could even miss it) I’ve had some back pain too within the last week. So, hence why I booked and had the smear. I’m  obviously a bit anxious to get the results but when I was there and mentioned about the “bleeding” between periods, the nurse then said I needed to see the doctor about that. But I’m slightly confused to as to why, as surely any issues are going to come up on the smear anyway? I’m half convinced it’s probably hormonal but I’m not sure whether I should wait for the results of the smear  ( a few weeks ) or go  before then... Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you (: