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Test of cure

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Test of cure

Hi ladies, I've had my test of cure on Tuesday gone. I had LLETZ procedure in April for CIN3. She told me then it was only a small amount I couldn't bear to look at the screen. Anyway as above I had my test of cure on Tuesday then today had a message to call my gp which I did, the receptionist advised it was to discuss my recent smear result, however it isn't urgent. I am worried beyond belief :( and they won't be phoning me until Thursday. I know the nurse couldn't find my coil during the procedure so I'm hoping it's to discuss that but surely the receptionist would of told me it was regarding Contraception if that was the case and not the smear?


I don't think anyone can really advise as every patent and circumstances are different im just so worried about it all. 


Thanks for listening xxxx