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Test of cure - cells weren't tested - confused

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Test of cure - cells weren't tested - confused

Hi All,


This is my first post. Here's a brief summary of my history...

About a year ago I was diagnosed with severely abnormal cells after missing a smear test. I had Loop Exercision Treatment LLETZ of the severely abnormal cells. A few weeks later, I received a letter saying that the abnormal cells had been removed. Six months later I went back for my test of cure smear.

I've just received a letter from that test stating that I am HPV negative and therefore the cells don't need to be tested and I don't need another smear for three years... Is this correct? I assumed as I have had severe dyskaryosis then they would also test for abnormalities as well as testing for HPV. I am wondering if the smear test was just a regular smear rather than a test of cure in line with my history...


Is this the correct procedure? I dont want to bother my Nurse during this time unless I have to...


Thank you so much for reading and I really appreciate any advice.


Thanks again





Hello! I had a smear test eight days ago (I had the same as you in October severe abnormal cells that were removed) i got the same letter today - hpv negative so no need to check for abnormal cells! Yay! I don't need to be checked for another three years now which is ok but if I'm honest I would of liked to have been checked in a year! The smear appointment letter and letter today never mentioned  test of cure but I was lucky it was done quite quickly! I believe if it shows up hpv negative they don't need to go any further x