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Two failed Smear Test - Help please

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Two failed Smear Test - Help please

Evening All,

I am at my wits end... just had a 2nd failed attempt at having a smear taken

Been advised I have to have it done despite been vaccinated and not sexually active!

They tried a very small speculum too with no success.

Really don't know what to do... so scared and nervous!


Hi Gemma, what did the nurse say to you - did she give you any feedback or anything? I remember years ago I had my first smear test when I was a teenager and they did it different then - laid on my side with knees up to my chest. GP had the smear done in seconds.  Was it problem with teh speculum or getting the actual cells? Did she use a brush? 


Hi Gemma, 

Please don't be scared or nervous! 

I have literally come back from the hospital after being referred there from my GP after two failed Smears at the GP surgery. I myself am not sexually active either so I completely understand how you must be feeling. 

I went this morning and honestly it was a really lovely experience, the nurse I had was a specialist in that area and she helped me so much. I didn't feel rushed at all compared to how I felt at my GP. I managed to have the speculum inserted but unfortunately the opening of the Speculum was just painful and the nurse wasn't happy to put me through that pain just to 'get it done'. 

She reassured me that because I haven't been sexually active that the chance of getting the HPV virus is extremely minute, therefore to be in pain just to have it done wouldn't be helpful. She said that just because I have had the letter now, doesn't mean its the right time to do it. 

She advised me to give it another 6 months and then make another appointment at the GP and then circumstances may have changed and it may be much easier to complete the screening. 

I understand how you are feeling but please don't be upset!