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Unable to complete smear due to pain - solution?

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Unable to complete smear due to pain - solution?

Good morning, 

I joined the forum 3 years after being referred to colposcopy after my GP was unable to complete a smear due to excruciating pain. Colposcopy went well, results all clear, diagnosed with cervical erosion, and I forgot all about it. 

Fast forward 3 years, due another smear, I went to see the nurse this morning and again she was unable to complete it as I ended up screaming and crying with pain. I left the surgery shaking and in tears and I still feel the pain despite painkillers. 

Now I'm booked in to try it again with another GP in a couple of weeks but I don't understand why the last couple of attempts have been so traumatic. The nurse seemed in disbelief when I told her that I used to have yearly smears and pelvic exams, including internal ultrasounds (that was the norm in the country where I used to live) and never felt any pain. The last colposcopy was painless as well.

I'm determined to have this smear done but I'm not sure yet whether I'm ready for the GP to examine me in two weeks' time. I'd rather take some time and resolve whatever is causing this "blockage"  once and for all. Has anyone been through something similar and managed to find a solution? 


Hi, I  have had normal smear tests/results,  but four days ago i had a smear,and found really painful! felt sharp pain and couldent wait for it to be over. Day after had period like pains/nausea, and still aching now 4th Day, never had this before?  I cant undersatand it either. Jayne.