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Unsuccessful Smear test and a virgin

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Unsuccessful Smear test and a virgin

Hi, I'm 32 years old, after years of making appointments and cancelling them, I finally had my first smear test on 29th October. I'm a virgin and told them that when asked whether there was any chance I could have an STD. The nurse went to speak to a colleague and both thought that I wouldn't need the test as I would be at such low risk but I'd need to sign a disclaimer.

I decided to have the test, as it had been so hard for me to actually get there, and there is still a small chance I could get cervical cancer. Both nurses were lovely, and the test itself really was not as embarrassing as I thought it would be, even with having social anxiety. Unfortunately, the nurses were unable to find my cervix, and I was unable to relax myself enough so they couldn't complete the test.

The nurses also thought I might have thrush and took a swab - should I have heard anything from them yet?

I have another appointment booked for 3rd December, and am debating whether to cancel this or not. I sort of want to get it done for piece of mind but part of me is worried that I'll be wasting the nurses time and the test will be unsuccessful again.

I'm not really sure what i'm asking, has anyone else had a similar experience?


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I haven't had a similar experience to you but, having had cervical cancer, hopefully I can offer some help.

If you've literally never had any sexual contact, including just skin on skin, with a man or a woman then you are highly unlikely to be at risk for cervical cancer.  Even if that is the case, it's understandable that you might still want a test for peace of mind. If you have had even just the briefest of sexual encounter I would totally advocate getting a test, despite being a virgin.  Either way, don't worry that you might be wasting the nurse's time.  And don't worry that the test might be unsuccessful again, cross that bridge if you come to it.  You might be able to relax more easily, second time round.

Results for thrush investigation should only take a few days.  Maybe your surgery would only let you know if the results were positive.  But no harm following it up to check.


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