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Urgent referral

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Urgent referral

Hi everyone,

I'm very new to this forum and probably overreacting a little bit (s I aplogise in advance if this sounds silly) but reading everyone's stories has helped to calm me down a little bit.

I went for my smear test a couple of weeks ago. This was my second ever smear (and first one in 3 years as results came back normal). The nurse couldn't see my cervix, so she rearranged the appointment for a week later when a GP was around.

At this appointment, the same thing happened. The nurse said she could see my cervix but could not get to it as it had 'quite a few polyps' on it. She called in the GP for a second opinion, who said that she couldn't see my cervix as it was 'bumpy', and said she was giving me an urgent referral on the 2 week wait pathway. 

I wasn't really given any further information, and when I recieved my appointment letter, it's for tomorrow with a gynaecologist.


Has anyone ever had this? I don't really know what to expect?



Hi, I didn't want to leave it read with no reply. I am sorry you are going through this, as any situation like this is scary. I haven't had the same as you, however, I think you may be seeing a gynaechologist because it is their specialty, they will have more experience dealing with people presenting the same way as you. They can also perform a colposcopy while you are there which will give them a clearer look at your cervix. (You can actually see it on a screen too as they use a camera). I really hope all goes well and your mind can be put to rest. :)