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What to expect?

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What to expect?

Hi everyone. 
I have been to docs to be examined as I have been bleeding in between periods. I was referred for an ultrasound scan (internal) and also to gynaecologist. Got my apts through today for both in s weeks time. 

I'm just wondering if there is anything to see at scan will they tell me there and then or do you have to wait till gynae apt (the week after). I don't know anything about either apts, why I'm going, what they are for, when I get information back. I just feel lost 😞 

I am not menopausal, not on the pill. Have been sterilised. Have been tested for sti's all negative. I'm scared but trying to keep it together. Just keep jumping to worst case scenario.

can anyone help xx








Hi love, I can just tell you my experience, but could be different in your area,  im in northern Ireland.

I too was bleeding between periods with discharge though, my periods became heavier and longer, and started coming 2 weeks apart, I have lower pelvic cramps, lower back cramps, left sided cramps, pain during sex and bleeding after, I got referred to gynae for scans... I too have been sterilised.

Well in my appointment scans are all I got, he didn't look at my cervix, told me my problems were possibly because I had been sterilised, possibly bringing on pre menopause, I'm 32... Or it could be stress yadda yadda yadda, and offered me contraception... Yes after going through the whole process of being sterilised I've been offered contraception to control the bleeding...

No comments on my pain or other symptoms, even though I kept bringing them up, just that it's probably because I've had c-sections and sterilisation... Ohh I was also told that my symptoms arnt worrying.

I'm telling you this so you know to not allow this in your appointment, I was literally so taken back and shocked that I kind of went quiet after trying to express my concerns time and time again, it was either stress, pre menopause, c-sections, or sterilisations fault... While not looking at my cervix at all..

I reluctantly accepted the coil because I do want want this bleeding stop and turn he couldn't even find my cervix anyway..

Do I've been referred elsewhere to get it done.. 

I hope your experience is much better than mine, xx