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last week my boyfriend and I had sex (we haven’t had sex in a while and don’t do it as frequently - new mum and all that), it hurt a little and after there was a little blood, I’m half thinking it’s because we ain’t had sex in a while and rarely do it... then I’ve had some spotting since, I’m on the depo injections so I think that’s making me worry more, I shouldn’t get any period or spotting whilst on it. So now I’m just having alarm bells thinking it’s signs of cc. Then my letter came for my smear test, coincidently. Which is great timing but I also can’t get seen until the end of April which just means constantly worrying, hopefully about nothing. 


Im not proper bleeding now I’ve only had what you would call spotting but I’ve had few aches as if I was getting period pains. 


Im just looking for some opinions or advice. What is the pain meant to feel like during sex? It just felt sore as if I was tighter rather than internal pain...