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Worried about my girlfriend

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Worried about my girlfriend


I'm posting as a male as i'm worried about my partner - I hope that's ok.

She had her first normal smear towards the end of last year. She's just turned 26.

She was on the depo shot for the last 5 years and came off it permanently last year (her last shot was July 2019).

Around December we noticed a small amount of blood during sex - no pain, not a lot and none afterwards. The next day we tried again and there was no blood at all - everything normal.

There was no blood for the next month or two.

Her periods started to come back irruguarly, ranging from 3 weeks to 3 days.

Blood during sex has occured the last 3 or 4 times. Still no pain. It seems to happen straight away too, almost like the blood is there before we even start. No bleeding afterwards.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Is this just her periods coming back now the depo has worn off?

I was told by one of the support team that the smear is now 90% accurate due to the HPV change. Does anyone know what date this started? She had her smear in October/November 2019.

I'm very worried, she isn't (hence why i've came here).

Any thoughts would be a huge help for me.

Thank you 


Hi Anon2020

Hopefully your girlfriend's symptoms are innocent and nothing to worry about. Coming off any type of medication can have side effects and take a while to settle. 
I think you are right to encourage her to talk to her doctor though even if it is only to 'log' her symptoms on her medical records.  If she is adamant that she doesn't need to, then I think the best you can do is ensure that she knows how important it is to attend her next smear test.

Good luck to both of you, you are obviously a very caring person. 

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Hi Anon

The move to HPV primary screening took place in stages across different regions of the country. If you are in England the information in the following link may interest you:


So it's the  best part of a year now since your girlfriend's last depo shot; I really don't know how long any side effects of the medication should take to settle down.  Generally speaking bleeding during sex is not normal and is worthy of a GP appointment.  If your girlfriend doesn't want to get an appointment then as rufus says do the best you can to support her to go for her next smear test.  In the meantime the bleeding may settle down; if it continues or it gets worse then you can gently broach the subject again or your girlfriend may decide herself that she needs to get it checked out.

It's good to hear that your are supportive of your girlfriend's health.  With hindsight I think it may have been helpful if my husband has shown a similar concern.

Hope all goes well


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