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Helping to mke memories

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Helping to mke memories

I'm new to this website even though I was diagnosed with cc in 1993. I had two very young childen and focused on making lots of memories, taking them to lots of different places & trying to have fun even though money was very tight.

Now I struggle with Lupus & my life is at a slower pace I have discovered the joys of art & sewing. I have made several quilts for Project Linus ( for children in hospital) and have thought back to the importance of making memories & keepsakes for children. I would like to help others make something like a quilt or cushion for their children.

There are many lovely fabrics out now, going into a fabric shop is like going into a sweetie shop !! Every design & colour available even Frozen, Superheroes and Winnie the Poo.  I could help or advice anybody especially on the South Coast to make their loved ones something special. I only started 5 years ago and it is wonderful to make something unique !


Diagnosed in 1993 at the age of 34. Only found due to a postnatal checkup - my previous smear had been clear.

My daughter was 10 weeks when i was told. 3 weeks later had Radical Hysterectomy then 6 weeks radiotheraphy as cancer was in lymph nodes

After 7 years with a painful swollen right leg diagnosed with lymphodeoma

2018 after struggling with bowel, bladder & hip pain had a CT scan & MRI diagnosed a benign lympocyst due to radiotheraphy

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