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2 week wait & high grade change

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2 week wait & high grade change

Hi all, 

I'm 34 and live in Wales. In 2019, I had a routine 3 year smear which showed I had HPV so I was referred to colposcopy at my local hospital. The results showed settled change, all good - the only follow up was a furhter colposcopy in a years time. 

That appointment happened in the middle of August. The colposcopist couldn't see any visual changes, and said my cervix looked healthy. I'm not sure if my cervix was stained, but I don't think it was. I had a letter last Friday to say I still have high risk HPV and now have high grade change. The letter included an appointment for a biopsy in early November. 

I called the colposcopy clinic and they were very helpful, explaining i'd either have a biopsy or an LLETZ, and that it can take many years to develop cancer. 

But since then I've spoken to a relative who's a GP - they thought people with high grade change should be seen within two weeks and they're concerned. They also thought my cervix should've been stained, but I genuinely don't know/can't remember what happened. If a stain had been applied, would I have seen it later in my underwear? 

So i'm a bit worried now and I'm not sure what to think, will waiting 5 weeks make any difference? I'm guessing it might be due to coronavirus, and I'm aware there are probably people who need to be seen more quickly than me. I should add that I haven't had any symptoms. 

Has anyone else had a similar experience? I'm worried that I'm not worried enough - if that makes sense! 

Apologies if I've posted twice, as a newbie I'm not that good at this!

I've been reading the Jo's Trust site since my first colposcopy last year, and the information is so helpful x 



sorry to hear you're going through this. They would only send you on the 2 week wait pathway if they suspected cancer and high grade cell changes are not cancer.

I was sent via the 2 week wait pathway at the time of my smear a year ago and that's because they visualised something at my smear they were concerned about. I went in they did the iodine and acetic acid test, which showed a small area of cell changes, they took a biopsy and sent that off and that case back as CIN 1 but on the same day I got my smear test results which indicates CIN 3. I went in for LLETZ and the biopsy came back as CIN 2/3 and a small area of cancer after being told that nothing of concern was seen. This was unexpected and not usual and also could not have been seen without a colposcope. To reassure you, you are being seen and on thier radar and that's positive. And if it is something sinister it's likely to be very early like mine was. But you can have CIN 3 for years and it not turn to cancer or take ages to turn to cancer. I was just an anomaly and not the norm. 

I hope that helps


Thanks for sharing, Sunflower, that's helpful. I was reassured that they didn't see anything they were worried about visually with the colposcope, and they were surprised the swabs done at the time showed high grade change. 

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