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3 lletz, but continued abnormal bleeding

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3 lletz, but continued abnormal bleeding

Hey ladies

Soo... I was told I had cin3 and cgin the beginning of last year. Long story short, I've had 3 LLETZ procedures.. My last one was in May (5 months ago) . For the last 2 months I've been experiencing bleeding and abnormal discharge after sex/randomly. I contacted my gp and they dismissed it, but it kept happening so I contacted them again and they invited me in for an examination. The gp said she could see blood and was going to refer me back to hospital for an urgent appointment. I'm now waiting for my appointment next week but I'm worried sick the abnormal cells have returned, or worse..

My question is, how likely would it be to have developed into anything after my last lletz treatment was only 5 months ago?

Thanks in advance ❤️



Could it be from the scarring left from repeated lletz? I've had 3 lletz too and when I was about 20 weeks pregnant I had a massive bleed which turned out to be my scar tissue. It had split. It's a possibility x

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