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3 Month Follow Up After Biopsy?

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3 Month Follow Up After Biopsy?

Hiiii! So a little about my situation. In June of 2018, I began to bleed continously from my period from June to August. I would maybe bleed 3-5 days and then on the 5th day it would ease up, I would have sex and it would start again. So, I scheduled and appointment with my OBGYN in the beginning of September 6, 2018. We did a intervaginal ultrasound and smear, he said my everything looked healthy and he changed my birth control in hopes it would stop the bleeding. It did stop the bleeding and I didn't hear anything so I figured everything was fine. Then, September 25th, they called and said it was a little abnormal and I needed a colpo for October 29th just for precaution. I've had 3 colpo's before so I was not worried, just figured it was for precaution.

When I went in, he began the colpo and said my cervix looked good, but he wanted to take extra time to look at it. He then said he would biopsy around 1 o'clock on my cervix and do an endocervical scraping as well. It was uncomfortable, but I was fine and figured it was procedure until he said he wanted to set my appointment for 3 months. After my 3 previous colpo's, he has always told me to do another smear in 1 year, but I have never had him say 3 months. Should I be alarmed? Is this typical after a biopsy? 


Thanks in advance!



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