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7 days post LLETZ

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7 days post LLETZ

Hi everyone 

found this forum super helpful so decided to join!

I had my colposcopy/LLETZ in the same day 12.8.19 as the cells were high grade/severe and I feel quite lucky.. no bleeding just a small amount of light brown discharge that yesterday & today has started to smell and small bits in it?? I assume this could be the dye & scab?

Also, I’m due my period Tuesday.. anyone had experience with this so close to the procedure? Will I expect more pain/bleeding?

Sorry for all the questions.. my aftercare also says may experience more bleeding 2 weeks after.. anyone know why? I had to take 2 weeks off work because I fly for a living.. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated x


Sounds the same as i was so far.

The day after the smell and the bits, i started bleeding  - about the same as a period - for 5 days. The smell went and i stopped worrying it might be an infection. After that it went back to the brown stainy stuff for the next week.

The bleeding after 2 weeks advice is the scab coming away and the wound bleeding. For me, this was after 1 week, not 2.

Can't help on the period question as i am on DEPO so don't have them.

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i had the leep procedure on the 2nd of august, and i immediately had the coffee grinds type of discharge no smell, then my period started 11th of august i thought it ended saturday but i went bck to like a very very light no smell pinkish discharge, with severe abdominal pains. so im not sure if my period ended and the scab is still just bleeding or shedding blood because it is not a whole lot much, but i believe it is the scab bleeding now. 

- Abnormal LSIL pap 4/11/19 

-Colpo Results (High Grade Severe Dysplasia) 06/14/2019

-LEEP procedure scheduled 7/19/19

-Leep procedure completed 8/2/19

-CKC scheduled 9/12/19

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