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8 days after LLETZ

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8 days after LLETZ

Any advice would be appreciated!

I had my first LLETZ on 26th July. Had a couple of days of bleeding bright red blood and mild period cramps. Have felt tired since then and very light brown or yellowish discharge (only pantyliners needed). Yesterday (1 week after procedure) I went to a wedding and had to wear pads as I was passing a lot of watery, orangey discharge but no pain.

Today I have worse cramps than I had straight after the procedure. I’m urinating frequently and passing red blood when I go to the toiet. I rang 111 and the nurse called me back and said I need to attend the out of hours gp this evening.

I don’t have a fever, I’m not filling a pad and my discharge doesn’t smell bad. Is this normal? 

I’m travelling to Croatia in a couple of days and feeling really anxious. 


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