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Abnormal smear results

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Abnormal smear results


I had my routine smear 5 weeks ago and yesterday received a letter stating I was hpv positive and severe dyskaryosis was detected. The letter states I should hear from the colposcopy department in the next 10 days and if I don't hear I should chase up. 

I'm so anxious about this and now I'm worrying that the colposcopy may not be able to go ahead due to the coronavirus situation. 

Does anyone have a colposcopy booked in the nxt few weeks? Are they still going ahead? So worried this may have to be put off . 

Thanks x 






Hello, I just had a colposcopy with biopsy 2 days ago. I had a papsmear with hpv testing in September and the doctor forgot to call me until 2 weeks ago about my borderline abnormal pap and HR-HPV positive results. I called a different gyno and was seen quickly and asked back for the colposcopy within a week. The procedure was no more uncomfortable than a pap-smear and I am thankful that they got me in so quickly so that I will have some answers sooner. Don't put it off. The stories that I have read have been bad for those who put it off and not so bad for those who didn't.

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