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I had my colposcopy 15/09 after my smear test showed HPV positive with moderate cell changes. I had the loop diathermy treatment done there and then. I'm in a bit of discomfort now but the procedure itself wasn't at all that bad it was done within 5 minutes.

I had an abnormal smear result back in 2017, colposcopy with biopsy taken - result was low grade cells.

In 2019 I suffered a very bad vaginal tear during intercourse, I lost a lot of blood and was rushed into hospital for emergency surgery and blood transfusion. 
Since this I bleed during sex all the time and it sometimes feels as though it's hitting my belly. I put all this down to the incident I had been through.

I have a coil so my periods are never regular, I sometimes will bleed for half a day if that and sometimes have a full period. Again I put this down to having the coil.

Im now worrying that I may have missed all the signs. I was due a repeat smear a year after my low grade result but then I had the tear and was told I needed my body to heal at least 3 months and then my marriage ended and honestly I forgot.

Im just looking for friendly advice, similar situations. My doctors said up to 4 weeks for results, she said at my colposcopy she would be would have a good indication if it was cancerous but she wouldn't comment when she done it. I'm a terrible over thinker!

Thank you all in advance xxx 

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