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Stephanie Louis...
Advice needed

Hi everybody, so I was diagnosed with hpv around 6 years ago, I've always had my smears yearly, well this year's one I had to have a colcospy, which ended up with two biopsys been taken. The results come back I had CIN2 and need to have leep. I'm booked in the 17th of this month to have it done. The thing is I suffer so bad with BV, this is my 4th bout within 3 months now, I had some swabs taken last week just to get it confirmed so I can get medication, well the doctors wrote my wrong DDB on the tub so they rejected the whole results which means I have to be swabbed again but they only have Thursday available, 3 days before my leep. So my question is can they still do the procedure whilst I have bad BV???? Thanks in advance x



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