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Aspiration Biopsy

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Aspiration Biopsy

Hi I had to go for my 1st ever colposcopy yesterday following a smear test a few weeks ago which showed border line changes and HPV positive result. The doctor explained that as well as taking cervix biopsies that she wanted to take a sample of my womb lining as I mentioned I'd had some irregular spotting of blood stained discharge, I'm 59 so well past having periods for about 8 years.

Everything was going ok until she attempted to take this womb biopsy, I believe from googling it that it's called an aspiration biopsy?, for some reason I found this extremely painful and eventually I had to get the doctor to stop as I couldn't go on.

The doctor thought she might have got enough of a sample to test but my question is what if she didn't? What will happen next as I really don't think I can go through it again? The staff was trying to explain to me what happens next but I was a bit emotional after and just wanted to leave? 

Can anyone advise me? 

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