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Awaiting results

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Awaiting results

I've recently had my first smear test and received the results which stated positive for HPV and high grade severe dyskaryosis. 

I had a colposcopy on the 22nd where the doctor confirmed he could see high grade cells (I'm assuming this is CIN 3) I believe he performed the LLETZ there and said it would be sent off for testing. 

He told me what he could see was just larger then a 5p - I didn't think to ask at the time as I just wanted to get out but I have no idea what that means, is that big or is it small?

He advised I'd get the results in a few weeks time, the healthcare assistant took me back to get dressed and I asked her was it being sent off to be tested for cancer? She looked like I had caught her off guard and didn't really give an answer. 

I am 27 and this was my first smear, it was late due to being pregnant and miscarrying twice and then going on to have a baby and then covid. 

I just wondered if anyone else had similar and what your results were? I'm prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. I'm mostly concerned as it was my first smear and it came back as high grade severe so I have no idea how long it has been like that  




Hi Charlotte, my smear results also showed similar high grade dyskaryosis but biopsy showed cin2. I have to make a decision whether to have 6 monthly follow ups with colposcopy and biopsy or lletz, basically due to my age (26) and the fact I haven't had children yet (lletz has small risks around pregnant) I felt like they were guiding me towards the follow ups. I know it's a awful time and it's so scary but honestly if it was anything serious kike cancer I am almost sure they would have picked it up by now, if it's cin3 you will have lletz. If it is cin2 there is a chance it will clear on it's own.

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