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Biopsy during colposcopy and no indication of possible result

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Biopsy during colposcopy and no indication of possible result

Hi All,


I had a smear test done about 4 months ago which came back HPV positive and unsufficient cells to determine possible abnormalities. I had a colposcopy done last week and the nurse took a few biopsies. She said she can see a wart and changes as they were white after the solution but when I was asking her about whether it would be cancer or not she wasnt giving me any firm answers. She said she doesn't think so as it usually presents itself differently but that she can't be sure etc. She didn't even tell me whether the changes were CIN1, 2 or 3. I haven't been able to sleep since the colposcopy and the anxiety is killing me. I was under the impression that they will be able to determine from the images which CIN it is so the fact that I haven't got any firm answers is making me think the worst. Has anyone had a similar experience? Please help ladies.


Hi Zoe,


I'm in a similar boat, I stupidly have never had a smear done, I'm now 30. So when the results came back high risk HPV and high grade severe dyskaryosis a couple of weeks ago, I'm imagining the worst. I had my colposcopy last week and recieved no information at all, they only told me that because it had come back as severe I was to expect treatment there and then. So they proceeded with the Lletz. I got showed the abnormalities but wasn't informed of which grade they are, and when I asked if there is a possibility of it being more severe I.e Cancer. All I got told was "it's not something he can determine, that's what the test is for". I left completely deflated with no indication at all. 

 Fingers crossed for positive results 



Generally until the biopsies come back from testing they really can't tell what it is. They won't offer a guess either as they don't want to worry you unecessarily. The waiting is the worst part but don't worry that they haven't told you yet. They can't possibly give you an actual diagnosis until the tissue from biopsy is tested.

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Hi I too have always had my smear tests and when I went for my last 1 in January I was told when I got the results I was hpv positive and had abnormal cells, I also got an appointment to go for a colposcopy, and the letter said I was borderline low grade, so I went a month ago and results came back as cin 2 highgrade, had my lletz done last Tuesday and now awaiting the results, I'm absolutely beside myself with all the waiting , I just feel so emotional and scared of what might happen , just keep praying things will be alright x

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Nick Nak

They can't give u answers yet until they have the results back from the biopsy. I'm in the same boat. Although it is good news she said she doesn't think it's cancer :) I know this goes through our heads but luckily most the time it's pre-cell changes. Keep strong and we will find out soon enough. Keep us updated and wish u the best 

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